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926 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403

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Santa Monica Palisades Lodge No. 307 is a historic Lodge in the heart of Santa Monica, California. Come learn more about Freemasonry and our ancient Craft.


This blog is a resource for the members of Santa Monica-Palisades Lodge No. 307. It is also intended to be read and shared amongst the community at large. We hope to share some interesting and enlightening insights on Freemasonry, and perhaps inspire others to come visit us and learn more. 


Take a Widow To Lunch Program

Greg Cherry

Widows are an important part of our fraternity.  

All of us can do more to recognize and support our widows. 

The Blue Slipper Pin

The Blue Slipper Pin

As such, I would like to implement the "Take a widow to lunch program" in our lodge. 

The program is as easy as it sounds. A current member must call on a widow and invite her to lunch. In turn, the lodge will pay for their lunch.

I was inspired by this idea after speaking to Bill Branch of Riviera Lodge.  

The member gets the benefit of connecting with a widow and learning more about her. 

The widow is delighted to know that the lodge is still thinking about her, and cares enough to reach out and meet. 

There are extra bonus points if a brother is able to take two widows to the same lunch, and allow them to connect. 

In the coming weeks and months I am going to test out the "Take a widow to lunch" program. I encourage others to do the same.