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926 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403

(310) 395-3992

Santa Monica Palisades Lodge No. 307 is a historic Lodge in the heart of Santa Monica, California. Come learn more about Freemasonry and our ancient Craft.

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Learn About Freemasonry

"Why should I become a Mason?"

Freemasonry is the oldest, largest Fraternity in the world. It's members have included Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Statesmen, Generals, Admirals, Supreme Court Justices, movie stars and, quite probably, your grandfather.

As we can all agree, Freemasonry is constantly changing. As we move into a new century and a new generation of young men, Masonry must compete for attention in ways that never existed in the past.

The young men of today may believe that Freemasonry is no longer relevant to them, that it is a relic of a bygone era. Perhaps it was important to their grandfathers, but not to them. 

However, Freemasonry is just as relevant today as it was in any other point throughout history. Good values and honorable conduct never go out of style. The tenets of brotherly love, relief, and truth will always be in fashion. 

Inquiring men who are searching for deeper knowledge, lasting friendships, and a meaning greater than themselves will always heed the call of Freemasonry. Within the Masonic lodge, a man will experience powerful lessons. He will strengthen his faith in God and mankind. He will be given the tools to improve his character, to act with respect and compassion, and to build a moral and upright life. 

A good lodge has its roots firmly in the history of Freemasonry, but also looks towards the future for creative ways to develop and engage members. 

The healthiest and most engaged lodges in this state (and this country) do a good job of connecting with their members and developing a culture that relates to the unique personalities of those members. 

strategic plan

For Masonic lodges to remain relevant to a new generation of men, we must commit to a Vision and a Strategy.  This is a powerful and compelling vision of what we expect a modern lodge to look like, and what kind of men will become members. 

An effective Strategic Vision for the lodge must be:

1. Relevant to members of the 21st Century.

2. Achievable by the lodge.

3. Compelling and demonstrate a need for future members.

4. Distinctive as to set the lodge apart from other community organizations. 

Santa Monica-Palisades Lodge #307 has put a lot of thought and effort into its own strategic vision. This lodge is always looking for ways to improve, to connect with its membership, and to further the cause of Masonry. It has set on a path of a 5-year vision and strategic plan on how to approach membership development and foster a strong culture. 

After a strategic planning and lodge development session earlier in the year, we developed the following takeaways:

Special thanks to Brother Jesse DeNinno for taking the time to assemble and organize this working document. 

Special thanks to Brother Jesse DeNinno for taking the time to assemble and organize this working document. 

learn more

If you are visiting this site for the first time, or just starting to learn more about Freemasonry, we would love to talk to you. Please feel free to reach out and connect with us. There is never a better time to visit a lodge, meet with other Masons, and learn the truth about Masonry. 

Throughout history, there has been a lot of misinformation about the fraternity. This can range from basic misconceptions to outright false accusations and zany conspiracy theories. 

The truth is that Masonry is, and has always been, an ancient and honorable fraternity. It has attracted Kings and Presidents throughout the years. It has provided a blueprint for leading an honorable and meaningful life. In fact, the very founding of the United State of America was based on a Masonic blueprint of respect, freedom, and civility. These are values that never grow old. In fact, in our current state of incivility and violence, Masonry is probably more relevant now than it ever was before. 

To learn more, please reach out and Contact Us.